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DVD Movie Club Details

Join our DVD Movie Club.

Hartford Public Library DVD Movie Club policies.

Patron must be 18 years or older.
Patron must have a Hartford Public Library card and be in good standing with the library.
There is a $10 annual membership fee.
Patron must have a valid working phone number on file.
Children under 18 are not permitted to check out DVDs.
All movies have a 7 day lending period.
There is a 4 movie limit per lending period.
A $1.00 per day  late fee will be charged on items returned past due date. Continual overdues will result in the loss of video borrowing privileges
Patron will not be eligible to check out material until overdue fine is satisfied.
Borrowers accept responsibility for any major damage or loss of library DVD's while checked out on the borrower's library card. Any fees for damages or replacement will be assessed and billed to the patron.
DVD's may be returned ONLY inside the library, NOT in the Book Drop Box.
The Hartford Public Library is not responsible for any damage caused to a borrower's DVD player or other equipment due to use of library DVDs.
DVD's may not be reserved or renewed. Patrons may call in and request to hold a (one) video to be picked up by closing time of the same day.
DVD's are subject to sun damage and warping. Patrons should avoid leaving DVD's in their cars or near sources of heat.
Please notify the library upon return of the DVD if you think it is defective or distorted. We hold you responsible only for physical damage.
Federal copyright Warning:
Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted motion pictures, videocassettes, and DVDs. (United States codes, Title 17, sections 501 and 506.)
These DVDs are licensed for non-commercial private exhibition in private homes ONLY and may not be used by organizations, classes, clubs or groups.
DVDs may not be copied and the borrower is personally responsible for complying with all copyright restrictions.