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Friends of the Library

Hartford Public Library "Friends of the Library"

Mission Statement

The Friends of the Hartford Public Library is a nonprofit group of citizens who;

  • work together to stimulate a greater interest in and use of the library
  • to acquaint the community with the functions, resources, facilities and needs of the library
  • to promote and enrich the services of the library
  • to encourage and administer library gifts, donation and memorials of individuals and organizations.
  • to co-ordinate information to the community on issues of library legislation.
  • to sponsor programs designed to add to the cultural life of the community.
  • to help ensure the existence of the Hartford Public Library for years to come.

The Friends of the Library meets the last Monday of each month, except for January, July, August and December. The meeting are held in the library and begin at  6:00PM. Everyone is welcome!

Thanks to the Friends: The library has a flag pole, rug in the children's room and donate annually to our children's programs.

Friends of the Library current members:

Jason Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Ballett
Patty Schroeder
Penny Wilson
Rosemary Heinisch
Sarah Christensen
Stephanie Daniels
Sue Winkel
Tadd Moody
Wanda Maston

7 Reasons to Join the Friends of the Hartford Library  

  1. Meet other library and book lovers like yourself
  2. Help support the library's access to computers
  3. Support children's and teen programming
  4. Help the library purchase more books and materials.
  5. Respond to the special needs of the library
  6. Assist in promoting knowledge and participation in library progams.
  7. Open a channel for ways to express ideas & make suggestions for library services.


Students - $1

Individual - $5

Senior - $3

Family - $10

Business - $50

Life - $100