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The new Arthur & Bonna Vanderlyn Community Center/ Hartford Public Library

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Arthur & Bonna Vanderlyn Community Center/ Hartford Public Library


The Hartford Public Library needs your contribution to fund the following items to complete the community center/library.

$ 60,000     New adjustable library shelving for the library collection

$ 15,000     15 Public access computers

$ 75,000     Carpeting and flooring throughout the interior

$ 25,000     Meeting room furniture and media board

$ 15,000     Early literacy computers for the children's room

$ 25,000     Security system and fire alarm system

$ 15,000     Wired computer tables and charging stations

$  5,000     High speed color printer/scanner

$235,000     Total


Regarding the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Section 106 Review of
Art & Bonna Vanderlyn Community Center/Hartford Public Library

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded the Hartford Public Library a grant to construct a new public library. NEH is an independent grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities. This public notice is issued as part of NEH’s responsibilities under 36 C.F.R. Part 800, the regulations which implement Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966, as amended, 16 U.S.C. § 470. NEH, a funding agency, is required by regulation to identify and assess the effects of any proposed actions on historic properties. If any proposed action will have an adverse effect on historic resources, NEH works with the appropriate parties to seek ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate any adverse effects. Additionally, the Section 106 regulations require NEH to consider the views of the public on preservation issues when making final decisions that affect historic properties.
In its grant application, the Hartford Public Library plans to construct a new 8,900 square foot one-story wood framed library in the northwest corner of the site located at 15 East Main Street, Hartford, Michigan 49057. The vacant site was the location of an elementary school, which was demolished prior to Federal involvement.
In a letter dated September 10, 2019, Brian Grennel, Cultural Resources Coordinator for the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office advised that the proposed undertaking will have no adverse effect upon historic properties, as defined by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.
As required by Section 106, NEH is providing the public with information about this project, as well as an opportunity to comment on any knowledge of, or concerns with, historic properties in the proposed project area, and issues relating to the project’s potential effects on historic properties. Comments may be submitted to the NEH by e-mail to
The deadline for submitting comments is September 20 ,2019.

List of bids from contractors for the Arthur & Bonna Vanderlyn Community Center/Hartford Public Library.

$1,728,426 - CPM Construction
$1,750,000 - Kallewald
$1,752,500 - Hall Builders
$1,974,000 - Brussee/Brady
$1,939,000 - Roggow
$2,100,000 - Elite Group
$2,193,000 - Pearson


The Hartford Library Board will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 24th at 7pm to announce the general contractor chosen for the Arthur & Bonna Vanderlyn Community Center/Hartford Public Library.

New Library

New Library

New Library