Family Lego Night

The Harford Family Lego Night is on the third Wednesday of the month from 5PM-6:30PM.

Join us at the Hartford Public Library for some building fun.

• Large size Legos for 3 and under
• Super size Legos for fun
• Regular size Legos for the serious builders.
• Free pizza

•Open to all ages.

Legos help your child learn and grow!


Child Development

Social and Emotional Skills
Playing with bricks together with other children (or parents) can help your child develop his/her social and emotional skills.

From distributing bricks to deciding what to build and agreeing on designs, playing with bricks teaches and develops important skills - such as negotiation, compromise, respect for others, helpfulness, and following rules (mind you, some of these rules will not make a whole lot of sense to adults and/or be made up completely on the fly).

Physical Skills
Your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination can benefit greatly from playing with LEGO® bricks. Manipulating the small bricks into their proper places (or anywhere else, for that matter) requires a steady hand and a keen understanding of perspective and space - as well as a good deal of concentration and focus.

These are important life skills - and your child will put most of them to good use and develop them further when learning things like writing or tying shoe laces.

Cognitive Skills
As a building toy, it is fairly well-known that LEGO® can help to develop children’s logical skills through the understanding of concepts like size, shape, numbers, order, area, length and patterns.

But playing with LEGO® can also be a way for your child to understand experiences and express feelings - like an artist making a painting. Building with LEGO® - or drawing a picture, for that matter - will help your child make sense of things that are still too abstract for him/her to think and talk about.

Language Skills
Your child will be happy to talk about what he/she is building - unless the project is at its most critical stage. The right open-ended question at the right time can lead to a very long description of what’s being built, the characters involved and play-by-play commentary on what is happening. And sometimes you don’t even have to ask.

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